Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean  

How a Generation of Swashbuckling Jews Carved Out an Empire in the New World in Their Quest for Treasure, Religious Freedom--and Revenge (read more)

Written by Edward Kritzler   Read Book reviews here

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  • ISBN: 978-0-385-51398-2 (0-385-51398-4)
New York writer Ed Kritzler, a recognized authority on Jamaica, has authored hundreds of articles on the island and in his 10 year tenure with the Jamaica Tourist Board, he was in charge of arranging and touring members of the foreign press and broadcast media. Serving as Jamaica’s film liaison officer he was responsible for over a dozen feature films and network documentaries.

For visitors wishing to penetrate Jamaica culture and experience island life away from the resorts, Ed is available to advise and tour for $40 US/hour for a minimum of 10 hours, or $1250/week, plus expenses.

Contact or 876-302-0527.



Who the heck is Ed Kritzler??

As a seasoned Travel Writer and having done all the continents of the world, I had never been to ole Pirate Jamaica and the land of Bob Marley and Reggae. My assignment was to contact this Ed, as my personal guide, if I could schedule him for a week, to show me all of the Pirate, and old world Jew places that no one knows of. I was astonished when I met Ed. I knew he was in his early 60's or so, but when I saw him, his youthful manner and body was more so of a 40 year old stud! This was not your average expatriate, this was Mr. Jamaica in person. Ok, on to Morgans Harbour and the Pirates. Within 15 minutes we encountered a massive road block of 5 police cars and a dozen cops armed to the teeth. Kritzler jumped out like an attack dog, and in an instant we were able to pass on by!!

The man made my trip, knew every talented Jamaican and is the man on island for all Reggae information. I have to hand it to him, for three days it cost me $600 US plus gas and food, a rare bargain in this money hungry world.

~ Al Wellikoff

Let me stick my ten bucks in and tell you what I know about Kritzler. Kritzler introduced me to one of the executives of, one of the largest on line broadcaster of live TV. Ed, I call the "connector: hooked me up with Marley's ex manager and producer of the legendary "Countryman" cult movie. Soon we were putting together archives of some of the greatest video's ever shot of Reggae. It might have taken a year to do so, but in this world, that's pretty quick. Jamrock has all of the archives, and it could not have been done without Kritzler. I read the above blurb by Wellikoff and must concur that Krtizler made touring the back country and "bush" a delight instead of a nightmare. I never met a greater array of different personalities in my life. Totally enjoyable and about as roots as you can get.
As they say in Hawaii ED, Aloooha. Russell Karaviotis, CEO. Third World Enterprises Ltd.

In 18 years traveling the world filming stories for Stern TV, Focus TV and the ZDF, Germany's national public television, I never had a better guide than Ed Kritzler. I hired Ed to assist on a documentary on Jamaica's bobsled team. Ed's knowledge, and enthusiastic dedication made the assignment a productive pleasure. He knows every hidden corner in Jamaica. From our week-long shoot, we became and remain good friends. It is a pleasure to recommend him." 

Andreas Ewels Programmbereich reporter/reportage ZDF Web:






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